Thursday, May 15, 2008

Needful Things Part 1.1

A clone!

Was it hubris?! Completely stalled after only one posting about NTs! I really do mean to compile a list, a proper one, about NTs - and yes, I am painfully aware that sticky labels alone Do Not Cut It. Labelling (now rather quaintly called 'signage') is not the answer to The Universe and all things but it does help.

The hiccup is nothing more than two sick children (nothing serious), visitors (lovely), sorting out respite for Mum and LGP so that we can take a break in the summer, and now my being away at what I laughingly call work. H2 is mystified. "Why go, when you don't even earn any real money?" he asks. Because it keeps my brain alive, because there is still a bit of me that is the person I was before I became the person that everyone needs me to be.

So in the interim, best wishes and large hugs to all my fellow carers because I haven't managed to keep up with your blogs either and...if you see my clone, just point her this way. Please.

(Needful Things coming shortly to a blog near you).