Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sex (Not) in the City

Escape to the city for a girly few days with long lost and long found schoolfriends. We might as well be bound to each other with pirate promises of blood and spit for the secrets that are spilled and not told. It is very liberating to be with people who know you and love you from first spot to first hot flush. From Clearosil to Kiesel Pro. Boys to bladder control. How bad is it, exactly, when you sneeze and by the way, does anyone use sex toys? Partners who won't hold hands but who care deeply; partners who are rampant but can't show affection; partners who won't work, haven't worked (but who still profess to care); partners who get drunk and with the baggage of old grievances. Lovers who are impossible or too remote and those who are expedient. The men whom my aunt calls "The Mantlepiece Men". Loyalties that are threadbare but still there. And our own never-to-be-broken bonds.
I owe you all so much.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Sun

The sun is a ruby star in the sapphire sky
It is a flaming ball on the bright blue sea
It is an orange baby in a big blue tummy
It is a yellow skeleton in a cold blue grave
It is the smile of my mummy in the morning

SSB writing about the sun.
Partisan, moi?!